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  1. I know I already posted this elsewhere, but I am hoping someone gives more information about ATS. Well I just visited the place, since I had some time before work. I just found out that August 27th is when they will be piloting their LPN-RN bridge program. I also found out the director is from John Hopkins University. What I could not get when I visited was a copy of their curriculum, or classes. But, they did let me see the current schedule of classes, so that I could get an idea of day and evening class times. I'm a little hesitant to apply, primarily because of the price but, at the same time nursing schools for the City Colleges of Chicago have some pre-reqs I haven't done and get many applications. Take into consideration I already have a BA, and after volunteering at a hospital I realized......I want to be a nurse. But, I want to get experience right away, so I figured I could start off as an LPN then get an RN, and maybe get a masters and become an NP. Again, school is new and the price is expensive. Even though I was told that they would be giving out a $5,000 semester this year because they are fairly new, making the total about $19,000 for 11 months.......I hope this information helps....I hope someone else has more information to give..
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  3. by   FutureNeoNursing
    Hi AnneGemini,
    What info do you need? I was previously enrolled earlier this year but decided to postpone for their Aug start date. I actually have decided to attend here because of the location,class size and no waiting list policy. The tuition is on the high side,but I have seen worse,and with more admission requirements. No cna is needed,although u can take the exam after fundamentals and intro to nursing. No pre reqs needed but if u want to save money test out of english and math. No weekend classes have been scheduled yet,but may change. Clinicals will start in your 2nd semester or 1st if no prereqs required. You can graduate in as little as 12 or 16 months. Any ? Just pm me..
  4. by   LINDA02161985
    Hello, Annegeminie

    I actually attend ATS in Chicago, it is my last semester! My Advice to you is this. This school is brand new, so just like every single school that is new, it takes time to get off to the right start! But it is a wonderful school. The teachers are beyond excellent! Yes you might have one or two, that you just don't like there method of teaching, but the teachers are beyond excellent! They prepare you for the NCLEX exam from day one! It's hard work, but the pay off is so wonderful! I believe this is the only school within IL, that has no limit to how many students it takes! I know since I went and tried and tired and tired to get into so many schools, I pass the test but I have to wait because they only take 40 or 50 or 60 students!

    So To start this program, You need to take a PSB test, my advice to anyone review the packet they give you and get familiar with the questions, I believe the psb tests you on Science and Nurses Knowledge, if you pass that your in the program!

    Than you have to take an ACU-Placer test which is english, reading and math. This test will tell you if your going to be in the 15 month or the 11 month program. My advice to anyone who is attending ATS to take All test atleast a month-two before the start of the new test because just incase you fail, you can take it over and over and over. And if your not good in math, I suggest you go on youtube, watch some video's take some notes.

    The school, hands down is wonderful! It is accredited from my understanding. Yes the price is a tad bit high! But the fact you can get into a LPN program with no waiting list I am willing to pay for a great education! I hope this helps!
  5. by   LINDA02161985
    Does anyone know of any Prep Course's for the NCLEX-PN program in Chicago, IL? And how has it worked for anyone?
  6. by   SMOKEY2112
    What school is this that you guys are talking about??

    Nevermind...found it!
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  7. by   cute-1
    The school is more like 30,000+ now WITHOUT books,uniforms ect.The program is also 16 months.It would be 11 months but NO ONE passes the mysterious accuplacer so EVERYONE has to take remidial classes before they start the regular program-Thats how they get you.I have not met a SINGLE person who was not placed in at least one remedial class...even if you already took math and/or english at the university..they wont accept your transfer credits.I have met lots of people who passed the accuplacer at other schools but not here.They charge you $300 if you miss a clinical to make it up..4 tardies and you FAIL that clinical(Which is understandable I guess).There is really no where to park unless you want to spend $34 a day parking downtown so the train or bus will be your best bet.The clinicals are in random places and you cant pick your clinical location.

    The school is downtown so that is a plus for some people.Its right across the street from Macys and Millinium park.The location is beautiful,although inconvinient.
  8. by   SMOKEY2112
    Well it wouldn't be incovinient at all for me because I live in Wicker Park...BUT all the other stuff you said...doesn't sound like that's a school I want to go to... That's too bad it's like that...
  9. by   msreesecup
    I start my classes at ATS this upcoming Monday and I do not have to take any remedial classes. I will be finishing my program in 11-12 months.
  10. by   MrChicagoRN
    >$30,000 for an LPN Program, is that right?

    I'd check out their job placement rates, and your local job market to see if you are likely to find the type of job you are interested in.
  11. by   laylarose
    The school is > 30,000 PLUS books,fees,tests,immunizations,uniforms....LOTS of other fees.The school is VERY unorganized especially registration.You might sign up for the evening program and they give you morning classes,then they tell you that "work is not an excuse for changing your schedule"..HUH? On the first 2 days of school this semester about 70% of the students had the wrong schedule.There are some things that are VERY wrong with this school,but there are also things that are right.The location is wonderful,the teachers are AMAZING! I always think.."boy this is the best teacher ever" then the next semester starts and I meet more wonderful teachers.I have witnessed a few fights at this school and the police were called,I also saw 2 people get into a fight in one of my classes.They have tutoring for extra help in the "library" which is just a room with a few computers and no books..
  12. by   NurseBeauty
    ATS is the WORSEEEEEEE school ever established.....the owners do not care about the student's well being, all they care about is money. Some of the teachers and helpful and the others are incomponet and rude. I will NOT recommend this school to anyone. Pleases!!!!! the school is extremely expensive and by the time up graduate, you'll owe alot as if you were obtaining a maters degree...Please, take my word and stay away.
  13. by   lillady04
    How are things at ATS i start jan 2014?
  14. by   annegemini
    The school is expensive, better to go to a community college for an LPN, or if you want to go to a for profit school I recommend getting the RN. They never started the RN bridge program; I chose not to attend and instead am going to a community college for my pre-requisites. I plan on attending an accelerated program since I already have a Bachelor’s degree.