Anyone from Rockford?

  1. Hello
    I'm gonna apply for RVC's and saint Anthony's RN program. About what was your GPA and how many males are in your class? I heard it's easier to get into St Anthony's (probably cause it's ~10x the cost).
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  3. by   Jilaweez
    Hi MrN8,
    I was wondering if you ever got into either of these schools? I know when I visited St. Anthony's they had 1-2 male nurses admitted each year. I just applied there and was wondering what you thought of it?
  4. by   Mr.N8
    I applied to RVC instead. St. Anthony only excepts A&P when it is taken within 4 years; RVC within 8. I would need 7 more classes to get into St Anthony's, including A&P again. One thing I didn't like about St.A is that you now must have ALL of your 2 years finished before you start the program. Meaning, you can't go to RVC and finish an art class over the summer while in nursing school.

    One of my buddies has 1 more semester to go at St A, he likes the education he's receiving; he told me he has nothing to compare it to tho-
    He was accepted at RVC and St A with a 3.6 GPA.

    I'm an Alternate at RVC. I have until the 21 of Aug to receive a phone call.

    Good luck
  5. by   Jilaweez
    Thanks for the feedback. I am glad to hear your friend likes the program. I have a 3.8overall gpa and 4.0 for the nursing pre-reqs, but I did poorly on the entrance exam. I don't know how that will factor in. I was bummed not to be able to take humanities during the summer too. I had to wait an extra year to apply and just finished the extra classes, I needed extra chem,math and english. Hopefully it'll be worth it. I wouldn't want to take A&P again either, that would stink.

    I hope yo get the CALL, keep me posted....good luck.