Any Student nurse extern/internships in chicagoland/quad cities?

  1. Hi, I am currently a junior nursing student who is starting to look into summer extern/internships for the summer before my senior year. Does anyone know of any programs in the chicagoland or quad city area? Any help would be awesome!
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  3. by   chorkle
    Since you mention Quad Cities, would/could Peoria be of any interest?

    If so, look up the OSF hospital there, St. Francis, I think. The on-line description of their summer externship made it sound useful and promising.
  4. by   OnaBada
    Yes, I also saw that St. Francis in Peoria is starting to take nurse externship applications. I don't think their formal process begins until the winter, but you can apply and they will send you a list of requirements. I am looking for specifically Chicago area, maybe U of Chi Med Center? I sent an email out them and the response I received said they don't do summer externships, but I am not sure I believe it! If you or anyone out there knows whether they do or not, and what other summer extern programs Chicago offers, that would be great.

    Are you in IL/IN or out of state? I would be coming from MO, and am looking for programs out of state.

    Any advice would be much appreciated!
  5. by   chorkle

    I'm in process of moving to IL from several hundred miles southwest of there.

    Planning 2 years PT prereqs at CC; would hope to start NS, fall 2012.

    I believe in looking ahead, tho; first having ensured everything current is running smoothly.

    Chicagoland, however, has no appeal for me at all.
  6. by   chorkle
    Also, as I recall, Peoria OSF requires a 3.2 GPA to be considered for their summer externship.