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just curious if there are any sudents from harper college here........ thought maybe if there are we can share stories, experiences, what teachers are good, etc.......... on november 2, 2005... Read More

  1. by   Jilaweez
    Well, when you register for classes drop me a line and i'll tell you who to take. I recommend Andresen for Bio160-161. I hear Holdaway is harder. There is a stats teacher I don't recommend so let me know before you register for that. When you take Dit I recommend Lynn Zmija, I took it online and she was great. I am taking PHI205 this fall. It's late in the evening on Mon. and Wed. I have been taking 1lab class for every 2-3 gen eds each semester and it seems they're never ending, but I wouldn't want to try to take more than one each semester because they require so much studying. Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed for me, I'll do the same for you!
  2. by   FoxyRoxy21
    Thanks so much for all of the pointers!!!!!!!!!! I wish you the best of luck, and let me know when you find out that you have been accepted!!!!
  3. by   Jilaweez
    Hi Roxy,
    Just wanted to see how your semester is going? I applied to NIU last night and still haven't heard back from SACN...should be anyday now. I am kind of leaning toward NIU more now. Their app. process is soooo easy. I am having a decent semester so is going slow. Hope you are having a good semester too.
  4. by   FoxyRoxy21
    Hey Jila!!!!!!!!!!
    This semester isn't going too bad!!!! I am totally lovin' this learning community that I am taking. HIST 112 and ENG 102 combined - I am rockin' it out with an 'A' so I can't complain. Good luck with the app. at NIU. I am sure you have nothing to worry about! Let me know how it goes. Talk to you soon!
  5. by   Jilaweez
    Hi FoxyRoxy,

    I just got my letter for SACN and I got in!!! I am so excited. I did finish the app. process at NIU and there is no NLN exam, only a reading comprehension test which you can take at ECC and it was really easy(and free). Other than that they average your overall GPA with your nursing pre-req GPA and that is it. They also dropped the extra chem requirement so after 121 your done. You don't even have to fill out a second application for the nursing school. The admissions advisor told me they only take transfer applicants with 3.5gpa or above.

    Keep rockin' out those A's...and thanks for your support!!!
  6. by   FoxyRoxy21
    Oh my I am so excited for you!!!!! So how's it feel.... to know that you have been accepted!??!?!?!? NIU's app process doesn't sound too scary. Good Luck on that one also!!! So, there is no NLN Pre Entrance Exam?????? Wow!!!!