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just curious if there are any sudents from harper college here........ thought maybe if there are we can share stories, experiences, what teachers are good, etc.......... on november 2, 2005... Read More

  1. by   jpaschen
    Thank you for the encouragement, but I would not really consider this a "success" until I am officially offered a seat. Does your friend know where she is on the wait list (top 25%, top 50%, bottom 50%, etc...)? I spoke with Harper College again today and they said I am in the top 25%- the person with whom I spoke with said (and I quote), "I can't make any promises, but you are pretty high on the list". That lifted my spirits a bit.
  2. by   FoxyRoxy21
    That sounds promising!!!!! I actually have not asked her where she stands on the list, but I do know she isn't stressing over it either. She seems pretty optimistic and said if she doesn't make the 'cut' this year there is always next.

    I am not sure if Harper is where I want to go for nursing school. I have been looking into Northern and trying to get all my pre req's done at Harper. Almost all of Harper's classes do transfer there.

    I just recently read in the Tribune that Harper got it approved to offer 4 year degrees. They are going to do a pilot program with the nursing and technology departments. The article said it could take up to 2 years to begin. Have you heard anything on this subject? I guess the program would be conjuntion with NIU's. I have asked around and it seems like there are no clear answers.
  3. by   youngatheart
    Hi I am about to graduate from Harper nursing program in 2 weeks!!!
    Yeah, It is a good, tough, program. I think for the most part the instructors are good. there are a few that are really tough on the students and should really not be there any longer. I was lucky to get in the program on my first application. My daughter is on the waiting list for fall 2006. Good luck with the nursing program
  4. by   Jilaweez
    Hi. I know no one's responded to this post in awhile but I am a Harper student as well. I am just finishing up my pre-reqs this semester. I have liked most of my teachers and have enjoyed my time at Harper but I decided to go into a BSN program instead. Anyway, I hope you all got into or will get into the program!! best of luck!!
  5. by   FoxyRoxy21
    Good Luck with the BSN program! Where are you planning on going?
  6. by   Jilaweez
    SACN in rockford. I am also applying to NIU as a back up plan. My advisor at Harper suggested it. She said while I was waiting around to apply into Harpers program I might as well take the extra classes toward my BSN degree so I did. She was right, now I have two years left same as if I went through Harpers program. I have to admit I will miss Harper though. I have had a great experiences there. Are you all still taking classes or in the program since your last post? I am taking Chm 121 and Religions of the world this fall.
  7. by   FoxyRoxy21
    I have decided to try to get my Associates in Science and then I am going to apply to Northerns Program.
  8. by   Jilaweez
    That sounds like a good plan. I am finishing up my Associates in Art at Harper. When are you applying to NIU? Maybe will be there together. I am waiting for the apps to come out in September for next year.
  9. by   FoxyRoxy21
    I also am going to try for next year, but there is still so much that I need to do. I haven't even attempted to take the NLN Admissions Exam, I am so nervous about that. I really want to take the NLN Prep Class that Harper offers, so I guess we will see.
  10. by   Jilaweez
    Does northern require the NLN? I didn't get a lot of information from there yet, just waiting for the regular college app first. I wonder if we've had any classes together. Last fall and spring I took A&P with Andresen. Chem with Dr. G and Stats with Labeau. I've also taken Dit online and a few other classes. I bought the nursing and allied heath entrance exam study guide. I haven't really started using it though because I didn't need to take NLN for SACN. I have seen the refesher course for the NLN at Harper, it is a small group so they sit in the hallway in Z building and the teacher seems really nice. I think that would reallly help boost your scores.
  11. by   FoxyRoxy21
    okay, i just looked over the admission requirements and i did not see anything regarding the nln pre admissions exam. i must have mixed that up with harper's requirements. i have been looking at the requirements for every nursing school in illinois so my memory is fuzzy. in the spring i had chm 110 with dr. g. i think we may have been in the same class! i sat in front of the teacher’s podium.
  12. by   Jilaweez
    Yeah, I know Harper requires it, I don't think NIU says until you get the information after you are admitted into the college. I took dr. G's class in the summer actually, I too sat in front of the podium. I really liked his class, he was very helpful. I am taking chm 121 and phi this semester how about you? What else have you taken at Harper in the past year or so? If I do apply to NIU I have to take one more Chem class after this. I know what you mean about admissions to so many schools...I was considering Rush for awhile but I don't want to take the train so that's out. I will Know if I got into SACN by october and then I'll decide if I should still apply to NIU. I am not even sure which is closer to home. It'll be cool to know someone else waiting to get into NIU if I do apply there. We'll have to keep in touch.
  13. by   FoxyRoxy21
    Well, I originally went to DeVry persuing a degree in Business Administration and Accounting, after a year and a half I realized that it wasn't for me. I then went back to Harper as a full time student to figure out what I wanted to be when I grow up! That was when nursing hit me. I took CHM 110, BIO 101, PSY 101, ENG 100 spring 06, ENG 101 and MTH 101 summer 06, ENG 102, HST 112, AST 101, and PHI 105 this fall. So ya.....I should probably be loading up on the BIO and CHM classes but I really want to get the other crap out of the way....... if that makes sense.

    I love Dr. G he was the best teacher. There would be a group of us and we would meet an hour before class and an hour after class just to make sure we really go a handle on the material. He is so dedicated to his job! I wish he taught other CHM classes.

    Good Luck with your acceptance!!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!