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Hi all! I've started this thread for those of us who have gotten the good news and have been accepted to start the nursing program at Truman College in Fall 2012! If you are still waiting to hear,... Read More

  1. by   Bethany1975
    Thanks so much, sskrips.

    I think I'm all ready to go with everything then. I just have to go back to my doc in two weeks for the second half of the TB test. I took the CPR class last Sunday and got my certification.

    I even bought a stethoscope at the other day because it was on sale. I got the Littmann Classic II SE for $65.

    I can't wait to hear when orientation is and meet all of you!
  2. by   Katja508
    Well, as further proof that this whole process is making me lose my mind, I was signed up for the CPR class in Evanston this evening but totally forgot! I actually thought it was tomorrow but went online to check "just to be sure". Well, now I'm sure! I really hope that they'll let me transfer the registration fee to the next class offered. BUT it's June 20th, 6 days past the stated deadline! I don't want to lose the money so I don't want to sign up for another one! Especially because the 10-panel drug screen at RUSH (where I ended up going, by the way, all of you non-insure folks. They offer a 67% discount to residents) will end up costing me much more than the $32 at the place mentioned above! AND I'm not even sure it has all of the drugs required on the checklist. So I may have to do it again anyway!

    If I bought a stethoscope right now, I might just choke myself with it!

    Serenity now!
  3. by   xMooMoox
    I just want to thank everyone for posting up all these information and letting everyone know what are the next steps to this program. Although the school and the nursing coordinators are supposed to be the ones to keep the students informed with recent updates, I feel they are very unprofessional and unorganized. May 14th's newsletter never showed up in my inbox (did u guys received one?) I have to constantly rely on u wonderful people posting up what are the next steps needed to complete the registration process. Information such as needing to sign up for the CPR classes and health examinations and the hours of classes and clinicals. I've tried calling the school and spoke with different people and all they kept telling me was "the information will be sent to u thru email" ... gee thanks for nothing. So anyways, again thank u all for the information shared. I look forward to having class with u this fall!
  4. by   nursinghereicome2012
    Omg!!!!!!!!! At Truman, tried turning in my packet, only to be told my 10 panel drug test didn't include methanphatamines, didn't make copy of my CPR card, didn't bring checklist and didn't have actual lab results attached for titers.
  5. by   Anna2012
    xmoomoox, well said.
  6. by   Bethany1975
    Oh, Kat, I'm sorry, but I was laughing reading your post. It seems like they are now giving us till July 1st to get everything in so I hope this does help everyone out.

    Has everyone received the email about the most FAQ?
  7. by   Katja508
    Oh, I know, Bethany! I'm a mess! I did call today and they said I could do it even before the FAQ extension. Woohoo for not wasting money! I haven't gotten the results back yet from all the tests but I'm going to go ahead and assume that I'm not immune to anything, have all of the disease, and am positive for all the drugs.


    The FAQ was helpful-ish. I'm sure they just want to be like STOP CALLING (Kat)! But I still have tons m ore questions. It seems like they change things with every new piece of information we get! Now instead of alphabetically placing us in classes, it's back to lottery.

    And you know I'll be chosen last!
  8. by   kmccoy
    Does anyone know when orientation is going to be?
  9. by   xMooMoox
    @nursinghereicome2012 , i'm so sorry u had to go thru that inconvenience. Like I said, they are so unorganized and we have to pay for it. They are so vague. They should have specifically told us what type of tests are needed to be done instead of just "10 panel test", so we wouldn't be missing anything. If it wasn't for everyone on here sharing their experiences, none of us are going to get anything done accordingly. I feel bad for those who do not know about this web site.....
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  10. by   nursinghereicome2012
    @xMooxMoo. The checklist does give the drugs on the 10 panel. However, I assumed (incorrectly) 10-panel was the same everywhere. My lab also took blood for the TCA (Trycyclic anti-depressants) and stated that is the only way they test for it, but the checklist says it has to be tested in the urine. When I get the results I will go back to Truman, if that still doesn't satisfy them, will have to go to Mercy.Once we get this out the way, we will offically be nursing students!!!!!!!!
  11. by   chicagogirl710
    Hi to all!! I was wondering if there were any students in fall 2012 program that are pregnant? I saw on one of the medical record attachments that pregnant woman need a written statement from their doctor.. so it doesn't sound as if we are automatically excluded. However, my obgyn said I would not be able to get certain vaccinations until after birth. =/ super frustrating. I emailed the department, but no response. I think I will have to play phone tag early next week and see what I can do. Also, from what I have been reading on the posts, evening students have class 1100-1250? is that correct? Does anyone know what clinical hours/days evening students might have? Part of me wants to just wait and start next year, but I feel so fortunate to have made it in, really don't want to go through the process of applying all over again... thanks guys!
  12. by   Bethany1975
    Hi Chicagogirl710,

    I am pregnant. I am due at the end of July. Fortunately I had gone to my PCP about a month before I got pregnant and had gotten all caught up on my vaccinations so I didn't need to get any done now. Also, I won't need a note since I will have had given birth before school starts so I don't think my doctor even mentioned it on my forms.

    Sorry, I guess this doesn't help at all. But, I really think you should call till you get a hold of someone who can give you answers or go in and talk to them. I am sure there are exceptions made for being pregnant. This must not be uncommon.
  13. by   sskrips
    Katja508 or anyone who got FAQ email: could someone post the FAQs here or email me at I did not receive it. Thanks!