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Illinois LPN need info on LPN to RN programs in AZ

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Hi Everyone!

I've been an LPN in Illinois for 3 years and I'm moving to Arizona in January. I have already sent in my application for endorsement of my license a few days ago. I was hoping to get some information about good LPN to RN bridge programs in Arizona. One program that caught my eye was University of Phoenix's LPN to BSN program. Anyone out there go through this program? I'd love to hear more about it...I also have researched Estrella Mountain Community College and Glendale Community College and still currently looking into more programs/colleges in the area.

Looking forward to your feedback,



Conrats on your decision to move to the desert. I'll post a few links here for you, but I'm sure you have most of this info already:

approved nursing prograns by the AZBON


MCC nursing program link... click on advanced placement on this link:


I don't know anyone in the U of P LPN-BSN program, but I have heard some rumblings about it, some good, some bad... I do know that it is an expensive option though.

If I were you, I would just put in the advanced placement application through Maricopa (the 2nd link). All of the Comm. College programs in Phoenix are linked and you would not only be applying to one but applying to all of them. I'm also pretty sure this would be you least expensive option also. MCC tuition for nursing school is still very affordable... I would be surprised if you paid more than $3000-5000 (including books) for the 2 blocks that you need.

Good luck!


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U of P.. expensive, 1 evening a week class, lots of team learning projects, hybrid program, alot of pre/co reqs required before you even start the nursing core classes. All grades for science pre-reqs need to be a B or above. No current entrance exams.

I almost went this route, but changed my mind last minute due to the cost and all the team learning projects.


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