Illinois holding license due to 3 traffic related arrests from over 13 years ago.


I passed NCLEX 3 weeks ago. Sent in results to the state 10 days ago and called to find out my license is being held due to psst arrests. I was told thwy dont know what for and to send in court docs and explenation letter. from 97 to 2003, I racked up between 30 to 40 speeding tickets, unlicensed, uninsured, unregistered, etc. violations. I was young and stupid. I didnt go to court dates or pay fines readily and was arrested for failure to appear or pay fines 3 times total. in 2005 I turned my life around. I left my abusive husband ( who always had me running around driving when I shouldnt have out of fear), finally filed a restraining order, and did my best to make something of my life. I finally graduated and even passed nclex. I was just offered a dream job and they are waiting on my license. imagine my horror to find out they are holding my license. Should I explaining all of this and copies of every single violation or just wait for the deficiancy letter to see what specifically to address? Also, at 14 I was dumb and shoplifted. I dont think I was arrested just had my mom get me from the store, but that was 25 years ago and its a little foggy...thoughts on all this?

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Congratulations on passing the NCLEX!

I would recommend that you collect as much information as possible on the charges, court records, etc... start getting letters of recommendation stating what a stellar human being you are...

No telling how the BON will view these, if there were no drugs or alcohol involved that will be in your favor. I would recommend consulting an attorney that specializes in handling cases with the BON. Best of luck to you.


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thanks. yes I sent all court records and a letter with a letter of recommendation from the doctor and nurse I've worked under for the past 5 years as well as a printout of the recent news letter that was discussing how I was awarded recently for delivering quality care as a medical assistant. I hope they look favorably upon it.


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Any update on this?