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Hello I am in need of great help.I am a nurse outside US with ongoing application. Is there anyone here have any idea how to follow up license application stat in Illinois that is not done by online. I applied by mail since I don't have ssn yet. I am not receiving  reply by email and even by call from BON. It's been more than a month. Is it expected? 

I passed my NCLEX in california   and I have to go through illinois to get exam license.

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Some states can be pretty slow, especially for an application sent via mail from overseas. If nothing else mail has been slow in many areas due to staffing shortages. I don't think a month or more is too out of line.  

Even mailing in your application you might be able to create an online account with the state to check your application status.  You could probably also call them to ask.

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Thank you for your reply 

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RNyuliia said:

Is there anyone here have any idea how to follow up license application in Illinois that is not done by online?

Hi, have you tried looking up your name here? The previous Board of Nursing I had would list the pending requirements. 

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I already done it and  my name not appearing. I cannot find anywhere else in their website to check. 

Anyway thank you

I also have a question relating to this - I applied for my license about a week ago after passing my NCLEX in January. When you mailed your continental testing form that you had to fill out, did you also have mail your candidate report to IDFPR? I only sent in the form that required a signature and now I'm nervous and feel like I should have also mailed in my candidate report... 

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Im sorry but I have different situation. I passed NCLEX long time ago and need of exam license transfer. So I don't have idea about your process of  application. 


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