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Ill before 1st Peds clinical day :(


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So, I'm in my 3rd of 4 semesters in my ADN program. We've got Peds for the first part of the semester. I'm about to start clinicals and I've come down with a horrible upper respiratory infection. I literally have no voice right now and I feel like crud (thankfully, no fever). Tomorrow is just orientation and then the first full clinical day is Thursday.

I'm planning on showing up tomorrow (get ID badge, parking pass, orientation to the unit, etc.). However, I'm VERY worried about being around sick children when I, myself, am sick. UGH! I hate the fact that we can't make up clinical days.

Has anyone else experienced an illness during your Peds rotation? How was it handled? I would hate to get a kid sick because of our policy of no make-ups. But I also don't want to run the risk of getting a clinical probation on my school record, since employers check our records if we get hired as a new nurse (our school reports the number of tardies, absences & probation to employers, if asked). I feel like I'm caught in a no-win situation :(

Yes. I got sick twice during my peds rotation. One of the times I had a pretty bad upper respiratory thing going on. My PCP ended up prescribing an inhaler. I was cleared for clinical so I still attended. I just let my clinical instructor in on it and they were very understanding. If you do go tomorrow just be sure that you listen to your body, stay hydrated, and remember to wash those hands!!

If for any reason you are in direct contact of the children during orientation, and feel like you might spread what you have, you could always put on a mask.

I would talk to your clinical instructor and ask how s/he wants you to handle it.

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Thanks all!

I went and wore a mask on the floor. My new clinical instructor is super nice. She said if I'm still sick tomorrow, she'll have me do an assignment in a room by myself instead of have me be around the kids.