If you want to pass NCLEX, just do it!


Hello! I have read a few threads on here where folks have failed NCLEX numerous times.... just wanted to chip in and share some advice (if I may) and hope it helps... the best way to nail NCLEX is TAKE IT RIGHT WHEN YOU GRADUATE!! DO NOT wait months or years to do it. You will lose your edge. I know one friend who lives locally here, and that person waited MANY months to take it after graduating and failed. They are so scared to take it again. They spent THOUSANDS of dollars on school and they have no job and no license.

The BEST advice I got from my Dean was take it VERY SOON, do not go on vacation, sit around and watch TV, hang out at the mall, etc. She said take it ASAP.

If I may add, I used Hurst and Kaplan and passed first time out. I graduated and then studied, studied, studied... no down time. I went right away, took it and passed. Do not wait.... otherwise, you will lose your edge.

If you want to pass NCLEX, just do it!! :nurse::yeah:


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This really good for the new graduates but what about the ones that HAVE been out for a long time && has somewhat lost touch!??