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If you saw a doctor...


How would you react if you saw a doctor using very poor surgical asepsis while changing a client's dressing? What action would you take?

This is a question I have to answer for a short school paper. It's only worth 1% of my overall mark, and I know it's not rocket science. These are designed to get us thinking about the issues we're likely to face in our practice. I know the answer I'm "supposed" to give ie: "Remind him politely to wash his hands/put on gloves/use a sterile dressing tray, etc". BUT: in real life, I don't know that I'd have the gumption to say anything to him at all (still a student, will grad in the spring).

Have any of you ever been in this situation, and what did you do? How do you get over your "fear" of doctors, or of saying anything that could be perceived as criticism to anyone in the medical field who has more experience than you do? :o

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In real life you just casually say. "Here i grabbed some gloves for you while i was grabbing mine"

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in real life ive seen more aseptic tech in nurses than MDs. Ive said to a MD before Ill put on a new dressing for you this girl is to young to get septic and he was cool and helped me. its more about your report with them. if they know you are a legit nurse they will treat and view you as an equal. med students are the only ones ive had issues with. go figure huh?