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If a pt you got close to is readmitted...

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There are many times when we'll have a pt get readmitted that we've had before on my floor. I often mean to go in and chat with them to find out how they've been and catch up, but sometimes I let myself get sidetracked and end up not doing so...it's made more difficult since I'm on nights. I'm going to try and not let that happen anymore though, b/c you never know what may happen...

We had a pt come back that I had for four nights in a row around January and really enjoyed taking care of. I am so glad that I decided to go in and talk to her immediately upon finding out she was there, b/c she coded shortly thereafter and ended up passing on day shift. I've gotten so used to having pts who decline, even if it's accelerated, that I was taken by surprise. No one expected her to code; she was ill, of course, but we weren't even questioning her status as a full code.

She was one of those pts that I don't think I'll ever forget, and her son was a gem...I can only hope that my sons are as loving to me, and as gracious in general, when I'm in my twilight years. She seemed so happy that I remembered her and dropped in her room to chat with her. It would have really torn me up if I would have delayed and not gotten the chance to let her know how much I enjoyed caring for her and the relationship we had developed.

So...if a pt you've come to care about a lot comes back, pop in and say hello right away, b/c you just never know.

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Well said....we need to remember the more human reason for our tasks...the patient. Not the pneumonia in 4 or the CHf'r in 5. they are people and someone loves them. My most memorable moments are with my patients....I still remember their names and the special moments we shared........

I am glad you got to see her...... I am sorry for your loss....xo

I just did this! I admitted a pt last week then had a few days off. When I went back Sat for my three in a row, I saw her name. I went in several times each night to see her and the family and hold her hand for a few minutes. They are one of those families that find a spot to settle into your heart. I'm hoping she goes home but it doesn't look good.

Thank you for sharing this. It reminds me of why I am working so hard to get in to this profession. :)


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