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  1. How much would nurses earn?

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Just for fun.......

OK, how much do you think nurses are REALLY worth? Assume that all other occupations' prevailing wages were the same as they are now; since $$ determines an individual's prestige and respect in our culture, where do you think our salaries should rank in comparison with, say, schoolteachers, professional athletes, entertainers, and janitors?


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Umm... I'm probably not the perfect person to answer this since nurses in Finland make about $12/hour. Thus, I'd be happy with 25-30 however I think it's wrong that people responsible for a bunch of robots making paper are paid more than people who are responsible for human life...


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Based on everything that I am required to remember and know.....along with all the continuing ed that I am required to participate in.........And I am sure that there are others out there that have the same requirememnts.....topped off with the tremendous responsability that we have..... We are worth the primo dollar amount. But that would be in a perfect world.....some place that I have failed to find in existance. *sigh*.......in my dreams perhapse.....one day......... :o

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