If you were intubated or had pressors, do they go on your name in the controlled substances monitoring database?

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Asking for a friend whom was intubated and in critical care "maxed out" on pressors. He is wondering if pressors/intubation meds used during emergency resus will show under your name in the controlled substances monitoring database. Seems like they would because they were technically prescribed to you?

Hello -

Your friend's question is best directed to the health care providers involved.


A prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) mostly concerns primary care (outpatient) prescriptions. Vasopressors are not typically drugs included in these programs; however, opioids and commonly abused drugs are included. Even though opioids were most likely used during hospitalization, those were one-time or brief duration prescriptions in a controlled setting that are usually not extended once the patient is discharged.

Additionally, the 2022 CDC guidelines for opioid prescription exclude inpatient services from their guideline applicability criteria due to the acute nature. PDMP are intended to help minimize risk of overdose and abuse by patients outside of hospitals, who may see numerous primary care providers and are not being monitored as they would in an inpatient setting.

Another question might be were controlled substances an element in the reason he was intubated and on pressors in the first place?

The psychiatrist confirmed what meds were in the database for me :) no they don't log meds used during hospitalization.

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