If I request NCLEX test accommodations for anxiety or depression, can the BON use it against me?

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Dear Nurse Beth,

Could you comment whether something like this has to be reported when going through board licensing, I.e. does having a diagnosis of say anxiety, depression which then allows one to get special accommodations to test. Or it would not need to be because it is only getting testing accommodations.

Thank you.

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Dear Needs Accommodations,

This is an excellent question because it can feel risky to report a mental health condition to the Board of Registered Nursing (BON). 

Requesting NCLEX test-taking accommodations includes disclosure of your anxiety and depression to the same entity- the BON. Read How to Request Test-Taking Accomodations.

There's no way to request accommodations without disclosing your mental health condition.

It's important to be aware that mental health diagnoses, such as anxiety or depression, should not be a barrier to obtaining professional licenses, and many licensing boards recognize the importance of supporting individuals with these conditions while ensuring patient safety.

However, the specific procedures and requirements for disclosing or seeking accommodations can vary, so it's essential to follow the guidelines provided by the licensing board in your state.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth