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If I go to rasmussen college (the ocala campus) can I become an RN?

The Rasmussen college website says that at the Ocala campus you can do the "professional nursing program" instead of the practical nursing program. Can someone give me some info on this? Is it a 2 year program or 4 years, and once I get out of school could I become an RN? Thank you!

roser13, ASN, RN

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Call the school and ask if they are an accredited nursing program. Then ask if the nursing school graduates are entitled to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam.

That will give you your answer.

ZooMommyRN, ADN, RN

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they are listed twice, one shows no NCLEX rates, the one in Holiday reports NCLEX rates so if you are with the Holiday campus it appears that their graduates sit FL boards, I know we still have some schools in the states where people pay monsterous amounts of money, sit boards for another state, usually CA, then wait 6-12 weeks to transfer their license to FL which is more time & money. Best way to get the answer is to call the FL BON, another note - any college website that does not give you tuition rates and fees has become a red flag for very expensive borderline not worth it in the long run I research schools from my BSN. Good luck, and remember while they may give you loans out the wazoo, your begining pay will most likely fall around 20-22$ an hour.

hi micahleigha -

i am a dean of nursing at rasmussen college and just wanted to give you some quick information on the professional nursing program at our ocala, fl campus. you may want to attend one of our nursing information sessions - go to(www.rasmussen.edu/nursing) for more info.

- the program is approved by the florida board of nursing

- it is a 2-year, full-time program.

- successful completion of the program allows the student to sit for the national council licensure examination (nclex) for registered nurses in the state of florida. once you pass the exam and satisfy the florida board of nursing requirements, you'll be eligible for licensure as a registered nurse.

beth marquez, rn, msn, mba

dean of nursing

rasmussen college - green bay, wi


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