If I can't find an LPN job, what else can I do?


I know that everyone has heard this story many times before but...I am a student LPN with one semester left and I am already seriously discouraged about my porspects of finding a job after I am done. I live in MN and from what I have heard you can't get a hospital job as an LPN here, they only want RN's. Of course there is always a nursing home, but like many, that is not the route I want to take. Plus I am hearing that as a new nurse I will have to take any hours available and it seems that a lot of LPN jobs are part-time. This defeats the entire purpose of me going to school...to make more money, be there more for my kids, and get away from jobs with bad hours! I am really worried that I have invested all this money and I will be stuck in the same predicament I am in now! Does anyone know of any other jobs I could apply for when I am done that aren't neccessarily nursing positions, but still in the healthcare field? The goal is definately to get a nursing job but at this point I need all the options I can get! I can not be stuck without a job when I am done with school!

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Have you had any clinicals in the hospital yet? I know my Hospital roations are the last 6 months and I plan on really busting my butt so that hopefully one of my sites will sign me. Nursing homes may not be your cup of tea but they might be the best bet for now- have you tried assisted living? the only problem with AI though is your skill set declines because you aren't using it as much. As far as hours I kind of look at it like no matter our age or place in life we are starting at the bottom of the totem poll and we need to work hard and prove ourselves as nurses before we get those awesome days/hours.

just stick it out it will happen for you no need to worry


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studlpnmn, I'm not sure if this is an option for you where you live, but try rural county hospitals. Small town away from the big city. Sometimes it's a little further to drive, but if you get 12 hour shifts 3 times a week it cuts down on gas needed.

I am a new baby LPN. I tried a nursing home for 2 months. I felt like I was put in positions that I'm not yet qualified to handle. I did fine just like everyone said I would, but there is so much responsibility I feel like if something were to go wrong I would be the "fall nurse."

I am now working on a med/surg floor of a small county hospital and LOVE it! The pay is less than LTC, but the experience and things I am learning are far and above what I would ever get at a LTC facility.

Also, a LPN friend of mine works for a family care pracitice that actually has a 4 bed "mini" ER in it. She is paid more than I and is actually doing some procedures after being trained.

So keep your chin up and knock on doors, make phone calls, don't just rely on the paper or internet. Many jobs aren't posted until they can't fill them by word of mouth or wall in applicants.

Good Luck!

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I would also ask the professors what options you have. Many of them have a pulse on what the job market for LPNs are in the area. And, as most have said, many positions are not advertised. I would take a nursing home position for a moment just to get your feet wet and gain some skills, at least, if there are not any other immediate options. Good luck, complete the program and have faith. You'd be surprized of what may appear for you. And, when you finish the program, you can then work on your RN if the job market is not what works for you.


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Since starting my career in nursing in the late '80's..the only time I've been unemployed is the time it took me to walk across the street to my new job. You can find work as a LPN/LVN..may not be what you want at the time, but it feeds the face.

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