If I already have a BA, is it worth it to get a BSN or would an RN be fine?


I have a BA in Mathematics (with a teaching credential) from about 10 years ago before I had kids. I am now thinking of going back to school and becoming a nurse for several reasons.

I have looked into the programs at local schools and I can either get a RN from the local Community College or a BSN from the local university. It would take about the same time for both programs but the BSN program is MUCH more rigorous (it's a 1 year accelerated program).

I'm thinking that maybe the RN route would be easier to handle with family obligations, etc, but I don't want to sell myself short by not getting the BSN.



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This topic is often discussed on this site. Do some reading to get people's opinions. The BSN is the desirable degree for entry into professional nursing. You can make that degree your terminal degree and rest assured that you won't have any unpleasant surprises on the job later on. However, it has been posted that some people have problems keeping up with accelerated BSN programs and have to transfer to traditional programs to be successful. Something to consider. The overriding factor for most people today is what program(s) accept them. Most students attend the nursing program where they are accepted first. You can't count on getting multiple acceptances in the tight nursing school competition.


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I have a BS from a previous degree as well. Granted, it's health related but it's not a BSN. I went the RN from a local college route and quite frankly I don't believe I'm missing out on anything. I have absolutely no plans of getting my BSN. My pay is competitive with other BSN nurses and I am a Nurse Supervisor. This is, of course, in Maryland.

Let me also add that I was accepted into both an ADN and BSN program the same year, in fact I was accepted to the BSN program FIRST!


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What are the reasons you want to become a nurse?

Are you ready to work weekends and stats? Are you willing to miss important times with your children?

Do you think you will be guaranteed a job?

Nursing school is never easy to manage with a family, something suffers.