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Hello everybody.

I have been NOT accepted to the clinical phase of the nursing program for the fall 2009 semester in Kingsborough Community College. And now I'm kind of stuck, don't really know what to do in order to enter the nursing program.

Maybe someone had the same issue same as me.

Any ADVICE will be highly appreciated!!!!!

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I think it's possible that people are not responding because they are not clear on what is going on with your situation.

Why, if you have been accepted into the nursing program (and I am assuming this to be the case), would you be denied access to the clinical portion? Is it lack of clinical sites willing to accept nursing students, lack of preceptors, did you fail necessary pre-requisite classes?

It's hard to give advice without a clearer understanding of what led up to this situation.

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Exactly -- more information please.


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At a guess, I'd say she's going to a school that admits most everyone who meets criteria to the first part of the program (first year, term, whatever) as it is only theory classes....but the competitive acceptance is actually for the clinicals....and only the top students "get in" to clinicals.

To the OP, if your heart is set on this school I'd make an appointment with the nursing school adviser and figure out what you need to do in order to be more competitive next round.

If you're not tied to that school, I would look at how the classes you've taken already fit with pre-reqs at other schools in your area.

Best of luck!!

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