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IEN trying to fix the concurrency issue



I graduated from the phils in 2009. I am facing the same concurrency issue. Im reapplying for the nclex rn so i may have enough time to complete the subjects within the 3 years deadline. I live in Ventura County. Would anyone be able to know if there is a school near me accepting internationally educated nursing graduates to take only up ob/ms subjects? There is no sense on retaking the course all over again when there is only a couple of subjects that needs completing. Pls someone help me! Ive hit rock bottom here.

We have the same struggle with thousands of IENs too. Some applied for NCLEX-PN, some are still applying for it. I don't know much schools around your area cuz I live in NorCal. But, all you have to do is to contact each school around your area. Google them. Each school has different process to enter. Some schools are on waitlist and some don't reallie offer a program for us.


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You have to save you letter from BRN you might need it in the future references. You might wanna call the schools near in your area and tell them you story. Contact the Nursing Counselor make an appointment for them and follow their instructions. Each school here in cali has their requirement. You need to save money in case you'll need to send your TOR to be evaluated.