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IEN out of practice for over 5 years



I am an international trained nurse, and I am out of practice in Nursing for 5 years due to rising my 2 kids. Now I am planning to go back to be a RN again, my concern is would that be difficult for me to register with NNAS as a RN? I am thinking to take some nursing review course in MTI community college, is there anyone ever taken nursing courses in private college? any suggestion?

NotReady4PrimeTime, RN

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With 5 years of zero practice hours you'll have a lot of difficulty getting authorization to test in any province. You'll have to do a refresher. MTI Community College seems to be legitimate, but their course doesn't appear to meet the needs of someone requiring a re-entry to practice program. It's possible that because you're an IEN that you may have to do both an IEN bridging program and a re-entry program. Only CRNBC can tell you for sure so your best advice it to contact them and have them tell you what you need to do.

CRNBC: (aimed at Canadian RNs)

"Yes, I HAVE practised in the last 10 years…If you have practiced, but not for 1,125 or more hours ofRN practice in the last 5 years, you can complete a RN reentryprogram to meet the basic practice hoursrequirement.A recognized RN re-entry program will have instruction intheory and in clinical practice. The theory may be taughtwith lectures, independent study modules, online courses,seminars or a mix of these. The clinical practice mayinvolve instruction and evaluation by an instructor or anRN preceptor from a clinical agency, or both." You MUST contact CRNBC and apply for practicing status first before registering for any re-entry program. Fact Sheet from CRNBC

MTI is not on CRNBC's list of recognized programs so it cannot lead to re-entry as a RN. As notready4primetime said contact the CRNBC, they may tell you the first step is to apply through NNAS.

renzlao, MSN, APRN

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Unless there were changes, you can take the Re-entry program from TRU or Kwantlen. TRU is more of distance learning with 300 hours preceptorship at the end. Kwantlen is full time, classroom and clinical every week. CRNBC sometimes allow out of province re-entry program. But you'll have to wait from CRNBC's instructions after credential evaluation and SEC.