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Hi.. I'm a nurse from BC, and i just want to ask if anyone knows anything about the IEN program of VCH? I just want to know how did you get accepted and what kind of program was it... Is it really 4 months long?so is it good?any feedback would be appreciated.. thanks so much!


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Hi, soundbite21! Glad to see you back in the thread. I've been following your posts and about your spilled experience on how you go about your application to CRNBC:paw:. Thanks for the knowlege shared. I know somebody, actually a neighbor of mine, that entered the IEN program of VCH and now working full time at St. Paul Hospital. I live in Surrey near the border of Langley so I limit my prospect of work to the south side of Greater Vancouver. I had an interview with Surrey Memorial and was emailed about their interest of hiring me. You know, I am wondering if we can meet and talk and be more acquianted with each other as we have almost the same beginnings, same country of origin and almost the same age:typing. I worked in Texas as an RN and moved to BC for some personal reasons. I am every inch a woman with 2 kids and 1 husband:wink2:. I am connected with Jesus is Lord, Fleetwood and I am the only RN they know that chose BC over Texas. God be with you always.:saint:

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