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As an LPN,tho,and I have just begun to check into this,but,it seems we are either not allowed to do this on our own,or we have to work under an RN.

I was wondering tho,if we work with the different clients physicans,like make out care plans,progress reports,objectives for treatment,etc...would that eliminate the need for the RN?

Nothing against RN's,but Id like to do this on my own,doing the care and billing,etc...what about Social Security,you know,making payments to it...for yourself,my mom does this,she babysits,and every 3 months has to pay in a certain amount.She goes thru an accountant,who she babysits for.

I might just give her a call myself,and see if she can help.:)


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Thanks for posting and WELCOME. Lois Jean is an LPN and I am sure, after she sees this post, will sapport your dream.

My suggestion is that you check with your local Chamber of Commerce and see how they can sapport you wil business information with "How To Run a Business". I completed a class a few months ago with "How to Write A Business Plan"; it covers many of the topics that will help you to organize, research, and get the sapport you need to run your business.

Also, try doing a search on this forum with topics regarding Entrepreneurship. On this Forum, you will find many answers and discussions that will help you.

Keep in touch and let us know how we can help.

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