Ideas for research paper, Help narrowing down


Hi, I am trying to get my FNP after not being in school for 16 years. I am now in my research class and need to figure out my topic. This is all a little scary doing research after being a nurse out of school for so long.

Any help appreciated.


Staff smart phone use

Publics awareness on when to go to ER vs urgent care

Providers view of safety net antibiotic prescriptions being given

any thing trauma or ER

I appreciate any feedback. Kristen


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Also, did you find it easier to do a qualitative or quantitative study?

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I have done two, full-fledged, IRB-approved qualitative studies. You can get done much quicker IMHO.

The most important thing is to begin with a good (no, a GREAT) question. A great project begins with a question that CANNOT be answered 'yes' or 'no'. Here's an example from my own research:

I have worked nights most of my 30+ year career. I'm fascinated with the various ways that my colleagues adapt to shift work. So my research question was not, "Do nurses have trouble adapting to circadian disruption?" (because the obvious answer is YES!) but rather, "HOW do nurses learn to cope with circadian disruption?" I surveyed night shift nurses regarding five aspects of shift work, and then asked how they learned what they practiced. Data collection took less than a week. IRB had no problem approving because the survey was anonymous, on paper, did not involve patients, and the results would be reported in aggregate. In fact, they actually asked me NOT to use informed consent as it would include identifying data.

Hope this is helpful. Feel free to PM me if I can be of further help.


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I like the Public Awareness, just because many people don't know the difference between emergency and urgent care services