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Ideas and Input needed for job description

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Hello everyone,

I am creating a position that is essentially like a "School Nurse Consultant" for lack of a better name.  This nurse would come on a part-time basis to schools do any number of things to assist the LPN who is there.  One of the main responsibilities would be to oversee/supervise the LPN as in my state (MA) LPNs need RN supervision.   So far I have:

1.  Review/update school health policies as needed

2.  Provide staff training on Epi Pen administration

3. Attend field trips as needed

4.  Help with State screenings

5.  Attend IEP/504 meetings if applicable 

6.  Ensure students who need IHPs have them and write for those who don't

I guess, in a nutshell, if you could have another RN come in and "help", what things would you want done.  This would be a coupe days a week for a 6 hour stretch, or random 3 hour stretches as needed.

Thanks for any ideas or input! 

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How about providing appropriate delegation as needed? Based on your NPA, of course.

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Anything related to supervision of medication administration? Or any kiddos with complex procedures like tube feedings that might need special training prior to delegation? I can probably think of more, but I haven't had my coffee yet.

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