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I would like to know if any of you have some websites that you're aware with free downloads for my pda? eg. med. dictionary, drug reference, etc.


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Epocrates from

It's a great FREE program. They also have hundreds of other free or nearly free downloads as well as some of the more pricey ones (i.e. Taber's medical dictionary) I use Epocrates along with a few students in the class and my Pharmacology instructor who is also an NP uses Epocrates in her practice, although she has the RxPro version.


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Shots 2003, Converter, Decoder, Filez, PalmEKG are the ones I'm currently using. I switched from ePocrates (which is great, and free) to PEPID-RN (which I'm still learning, and had to pay for, but so far seems great). You can do a google search for these programs.


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Originally posted by 2005RN tobeinKC

I would like to know if any of you have some websites that you're aware with free downloads for my pda? eg. med. dictionary, drug reference, etc.

Lippincott has 2004 nursing drug index available for PDA's. They also have a trial version which I downloaded but only has a few drugs for which the full program works. I am debating on purchasing the full $49.95 version but my PDA is one of the older versions and black and gray screen is killing my eyes:eek:

Thinking of investing in a new color PDA, any suggestions?



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I love this program:

I use it all the time during classes and clinicals.


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I just bought a Palm m130 on Ebay for $130. It came with a car charger and a keyboard and shipping and handling was minimal. I LOVE it and it's expandable with removable memory cards, which is nice. I have added several programs onto it and use it everyday. It has a nice color screen and is very small, so it fits in the pocket of my scrubs. This enables me to always have my drug reference guide with me, as well as an assessment program, which I know I won't use after a few weeks of assessing patients, but it will help in the beginning.


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$139 and all the extras WOW that was a good deal. The refurbished ones I have seen are that much with out any of the extras.

I have a palm IIIxe currently and it is terrible to look at for any period of time. I think I am going to check out ebay and see what I can find.

Thanks for the info.



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Have a look at PDA cortex


got more than 40 free downloads on this page.




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I have a pocket PC (not a palm) any sugestions for free downloads??



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I got a good program at

The name of the website speaks for itself. :D


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PDA Cortex has lots for pocket pc as well as palm. I personally like the pocket pc version much better than the palm version. My brother is Mr. Computer... owns his own computer corporation now and he ordered my pocket pc for me based on what I need as a nursing student. I have a Toshiba pocket pc e310 and love it. Because pocket pc runs on the windows platform... i have microsoft word and excel and many other programs that are also on my desktop computer... and they are compatible. I have written papers for school while sitting in McDonald's with my kids playing in the playland area. Take the ppc home, sync it and the papers are instantly transferred to the desktop version of the same program. I just have to hit print. Don't know what I would do without it. There are many programs like epocrates that are free for palm but not for pocket pc platform. I have tried Pepid RN but found that it did not cover all of the information. It is user friendly and very helpful but our med studies require nursing interventions as well as the other info... I would have to transfer the med study from my ppc to word on the desktop and then physically type in the nursing considerations from my med text. Very time consuming when a client has 30+ meds. I purchased a nursing bundle from pdacortex that has Griffith's 5 minute clinical consult and Lippincott's nursing drug guide. I LOVE THESE PROGRAMS!!! My prep time for clinical went from 6 hours a night to one because of these two programs. I would recommend them to any nursing student with a ppc.

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