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what would be your ideal whiteboard?

snoopdrew snoopdrew (New) New

Hey all,

It's me Drew, the researcher guy again with the earlier topic about "what's on your whiteboard?". That info was very helpful. I hope more of you can share.

My follow up question is... whether you have plain dry erase board or electronic board...

What would your ideal, perfect whiteboard be like? Or put it another way... what sucks about your whiteboard? What do you hate about it?

What info would it have that you don't have now, like maybe stuff your nurse call system or patient vitals from the monitoring devices?

How would you interact with it differently to see or update the info faster or with more detail?


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LouisVRN, RN

Specializes in Med/Surg.

We can customize our whiteboard to see just our patients or the whole floors patients, it shows the patient name, medical record number, admitting diagnosis, interventions that are due, medications that are due, last set of vital signs and Isolation status (however you must scroll over to see this). When you click on the pt's medical record number from the whiteboard it also allows you to view the doctor's name, number and any consults name and numbers. Overall I really don't have any complaints. However I wish that when I went into another patients room and logged into the bedside computer their whiteboard information automatically came up. For example, within the next month or so we will be required to answer all call lights in the patient's room, rather than from the nurse's station. If I go into a patients room and they are acting strangely I want to be able to know quickly who they are what they had done, etc versus having to update my status board which takes a good 45-60 seconds just because I'm trying to help another nurse. Also would be helpful under those circumstances to display activity status and diet order as well.

I want to see only the pt. name, doctor, current nurse and the previous nurse(only until shift change is complete). NA, cellphone no.s for each.

BabyLady, BSN, RN

Specializes in NICU, Post-partum.

My ideal white board:

1. Patient name.

2. Physican

3. Current Nurse

4. Insurance Company

5. Smoker/Non-Smoker.

6. Number of Complaints during the length of stay.

7. Level of Difficulty in dealing with, on a 1 to 10 scale.