CPR Renewal in Boise/Meridian

  1. I'm waiting to hear any day now if I was accepted to BSU's BSN program (I was told letters go out Friday) and have now decided it is a good time to get all my paperwork in order. I've been certified in CPR for the healthcare provider for over 10 years continuously and I'm trying to find a class for renewals with no luck. IF I get accepted, will they tell me where the classes are? I see a lot of classes for first timers, but no half day renewal courses. Thanks!
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  3. by   chare
    you might consider one of the american heart association (aha) blended basic life support (bls) courses. in either of the aha's bls online training courses you complete the cognitive portion online, and then perform a skills evaluation with either an instructor or using a voice-assisted manikin. completion of either of these courses results in the issuance of an aha bls course completion card. there is no distinction in the card that you receive from completing this course and the one that you would obtain from attending the entire session in the classroom setting.

    you can locate an aha training center by searching the ecc class connector. as some training centers might not provide the skills validation you should probably make arrangements with a training center prior to enrolling in the online portion. you can also use the ecc class connector to locate classes as well.
  4. by   NewSN13
    I did my CPR course through Guardian College (on Fairview between Eagle and Locust Grove). I don't think that they seperated out the renewals from the first timers but it was scheduled as a four hour course and ended up only being about three hours.