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  1. I am currently a nurse in San Diego. My fiancé wants to move back to CDA where he is from. I love it there but I am concerned about working.

    Ideally the lower cost of living would allow me to work less, right now in socal I am the primary money maker and I love my job so it would be a big shift.

    I worked in CA after working in FL, and I do NOT want to go back to a poorly managed environment. I work in PACU now and have great hours and great pay. I have experience in ICU and tele as well.

    What are some websites to look at jobs just to get an idea of what I may be agreeing myself into? What are thoughts on working in the area, esp from nurses who came from Cali or other areas with mandatory ratios.

    Any Idaho PACU nurses out there? What are your ratios?
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  3. by   FutureNurse208
    Keep in mind as well that the lower cost of living does come with a lot lower salary as well. I am not a nurse yet, just studying to be one, but believe me I do a lot of income comparisons, haha. I live in southern Idaho, so wouldn't really tell you where to start looking. I do know that some people have actually crossed the boarder to look at working in WA while living up there in CDA.