Carrington College Boise

  1. I recently got my EMT through the national guard as a 68w and am looking to start a nursing program. Carrington is the only LPN program i could find near by so i was considering doing their LPN program and then their LPN-RN brige program. Anyone have any experince with this school. Thanks in advance
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  3. by   Neats
    When you consider college you need to look at accreditation. This means regional accreditation not national. If you aspire to continue your education then you need to ask your self will these credits transfer to say Boise State University, Washington State University, University of Utah or for that matter University of Texas...regional accreditation is always the better and assured way of moving on with your education. Just call up one of the universities admission department and ask.
  4. by   Nampa
    Soldier, what have you decided? I am also thinking about going to Carrington.