1. Hey all,

    First time poster. I recently was accepted into Boise State University's RN to BSN online completion track. I've found very limited information regarding reviews on the program on the site thus far. I was hoping to find out from any current RN-BSN students or Alumni what they thought of the program?

    The program seems to fit me perfectly but still would love some additional input from anyone else. Thanks!

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  3. by   kitkats4breakfs
    Hello Dan, I am also interested in Boise's RN-BSN program. Particularly, if out of state students, like my-self, will be granted in state tuition. Some public colleges allow all online students to receive instate tuition, even out of staters.

    Overall how is the program?
  4. by   nursedan1

    I haven't started the program yet, I start on 6/1/15... coming up quick!!
    I'm from California, they do only charge you the in state tuition which is $335 per unit.
    My first impression has been really good. Great communication with the advisors and had transcript evaluation and acceptance within a week or so. They seem to really care about your success from what I can tell so far.
  5. by   DjKaddie
    Dan, I wonder how the program is thus far? And wow that tuition is a great price. I am based in New York City so I too will benefit from the tuition.

    Is the course work easy, difficult? Are the professors level headed... would you recommend the program to others?

    Thanks Dan!
  6. by   nursedan1
    Hey DJ,

    Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I hope you get to read this.
    I'm about 4 courses into the program, taking it a bit slow because I work full-time and have a small child at home that I have to commit much of my time to. Overall, the program is going pretty well. The coursework seems to be manageable and the instructors have been great so far. The impression I get from the advisors and instructors so far is that they really want to see you succeed. With that being said, online learning takes some time to get used to if you haven't received online instruction before. There is alot of reading and self teaching required to be successful but it's definitely doable. Hope this helps, I'll try to frequently visit this post more often if anyone has any questions that I can help with.

  7. by   qween03
    Hi Nursedan1, how many classes are you taking each semester? I got my transcript evaluated, i only have to take the nursing classes. Do you think I can complete the program in 12 weeks?
  8. by   qween03
    Quote from qween03
    Hi Nursedan1, how many classes are you taking each semester? I got my transcript evaluated, i only have to take the nursing classes. Do you think I can complete the program in 12 weeks?

    months rather*
  9. by   ThereB4Death
    Hi qween03! Did you end up starting at Boise State? If so, can you tell me anything about it?
  10. by   thatgirl98277
    I just completed a class from Boise State in anticipation of completing the RN-BSN program. I needed an elective anyway, and having never taken an online class & being out of school over 30 yrs, the class seemed like a good place to begin.

    The advisors are great, everyone has been very nice, all my transfer credit was accepted. Regarding credit for statistics I did need assistance from my advisor for redirecting that class to sub for their statistics class.

    I had the opportunity to talk with students farther into the program & they all had good things to say. The key thing I heard mentioned is that some of the classes have a heavier workload. The advisors are more than happy to help you arrange your degree plan in a way not to overload yourself, just ask.

    The advisors can do an informal transcript eval via email (my transcript eval was completely accurate).

    Good luck!
  11. by   ThereB4Death
    Thank you for sharing, thatgirl! It sounds like a great program!
  12. by   karategirl39
    Hi Dan

    I am considering Boise State for my RN to BSN. Was curious if you finished this program?
  13. by   nursedan1
    Yes, I've completed the program. I'm happy to say that in graduated with my BSN from Boise State in July 2017. It was an amazing experience. I had researched many other RN-BSN online programs and am truly happy that I chose Boise State. I hadn't had any previous experience with distance or online learning.

    I worked full time throughout the program and had a small child at home. I took 2 classes per semester except for the first semester only taking one.

    Let me know if you have any specific questions.
  14. by   janetmmm7
    Hi Dan,

    i just got accepted to the boise state Rn to bsn online program. I have to take stats. Did you have to take stats? And if you did, was it doable? Did you take it alone or did you take it along with your other classes? Also, how was the course load, was it mostly papers? Thank you.