1. Is there any way you can take classes like ACLS before you get your RN?
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  3. by   callmekipling
    Funny story, I just asked my supe the same question. Around here they call it HeartSaver - I think we're talking about the same thing though.

    She said I'm welcome to take the class (I'm a CNA and first year nursing student) so long as I take the time to look up stuff I don't understand.. that and the usual admonition that the hospital won't reimburse unless I pass the test.

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  4. by   Otessa
    Heartsaver is someone who isn't in the healthcare field learning BASIC life support-very different than Advanced Cardiac Life Support where you need an AHA BLS card first.

    Heartsaver is by AHA but is NOT the same as a full BLS(Basic Life Support) class
  5. by   tater.jake
    I got my ACLS as an LPN. It doesn't seem like I could use it however, as I am not licensed to push drugs. But I think it looks good on a resume. The hospital I work for paid for everything.
  6. by   TakeTwoAspirin
    I'm a BSN Student and just took my ACLS by paying myself. Like someone said above, you have to have BLS first, but you do not need to be an RN to take the course. I'm going to take PALS next, again before I graduate, so that it will all look good on my resume - it's all about distinguishing yourself from the pack!