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I just got offered a job as an ICU Nurse Tech! I'm so excited to start! What advice do you have for me when taking this new position?

Exciting. I worked quite a few years as an ICU tech.

My advice...

Be helpful to the nurses in what they ask. Be very careful when turning patients, protect their airway if on ventilator, watch every tube and line to make sure that it doesn't pull.

Never guess on anything you are unsure about. Always ask if you have a question. Be a good team player and you'll thrive in ICU.

I worked really hard as a tech and by doing so it provided me a new grad RN job in ICU when I finished. Could be the same opportunity for you down the road.

I'm hoping I do well enough! Im currently a nursing student and really hope this opportunity helps me understand nursing more

If you do well as a tech, you'll often get a job offer, a hook up to another position, or at least some very strong reference s out of it. The most important parts of doing a good job as an icu tech are to listen to instructions, keep your calm, and above all to keep working. There is just about always something to do in any icu big enough to have a tech, and its all too common to find techs in an icu setting (where there often isn't a set list of chores like there might be on med-surf) internet surfing because no one asked them to do anything at the moment. Walk around and find work to do; find nurses who could use a hand but are too busy to ask for it. Do that, and you'll be very appreciated.

As for getting the most out of the experience otherwise, dont be afraid to ask questions or admit you dont know something. Many icu nurses (and docs) like patho and enjoy explaining patho to students. Find some that do and ask questions. We like engaged and inquisitive students. Dont try to show off what you already know; smart questions will take you further than smart answers.

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