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Hi everyone,

I currently work in the OR. I worked in an CTICU for a year and a half before I switched specialties. Will I still be able to get into CRNA school if I do not work in the ICU anymore? Also, if I decide to work PRN in a MICU, will that increase my chances of getting into CRNA school?


Thank you!

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Lots of great advice in allnurses student registered nurse-anesthetist SRNA forum

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Having another year of high acuity ICU CTICU, trauma/ICU with vasoactive drips, vents, heart pumps, transplants etc  is what many of our members recommend and SRNA felt that background prepared them for SRNA education. Best wishes in your journey,


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All good opinions. Suggest you contact the program(s) you're considering and make an appt to sit down c the admissions folks to get a realistic appraisal of the current newly accepted applicant pool and their creds/experience that led to their admission. 

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