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ICU Nurses

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by HappilyME HappilyME (New) New Educator Expert Nurse

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What are somethings that can be taken off your plate or provided to you that would allow you to take better care of patients? We want to see you beat this and fully support all the hard work you are all doing!

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Stop creating new protocols from the comfort of your administration desk at home without fully looking into the equipment resources. An example is a new protocol to change out inner cannulas from recovered COVID-19 trached patients. A clear plastic drape is placed over the patient to prevent any air spray from trach stoma. The protocol says to put the vent on "stand-by" to do the quick change. However, not all vents have the "stand-by" mode - it is either ON or OFF. With a vent dependent trached patient - you just can't turn it off and take a few minutes for it to start again. Instead, we try to do the quick change of the inner cannula on the intake of the breath.

Another one is the V60 "helmets" to put over covid positive patients with any aerosol med administration, BPAP/CPAP, or non-rebreather. It's been 3 weeks. We still have not received those so we end up putting a face mask on the patient, over their oxygen apparatus, and stay out of the room for 1 hours post aerosol med administration via ETT.

Having us "crosstrain" nurses from other floors for 1 day. We have reached a plateau and now people are getting called off. However, do not make the ICU nurse the call off in favor of placing other floor nurses in our unit who have never worked in critical care before.

You caught me after a rough weekend. Just my thoughts.

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