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I would appreciate advice on successfully entering the E.R. after 20-years as a legal nurse consultant and 10-year of ICU/CCU experience prior to that. I am enrolled in a RN-refresher course (8-weeks) followed by 160 hrs of clinical in the area of my focus. Also, BLS scheduled for next month. The ER department head of a local hospital told me I would not be a first choice candidate for ER Nurse, that I should stick with ICU/CCU. How can I successfully change my focus to ER?

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Depends on the acuity and orientation of the ER. In a level one trauma center, most places only take those with current ER exp. Another concern would be peds care: is your refresher course touching that too?

Maybe start in a gen med/surg floor first for six months?

Thanks, maybe the key is finding a position in a lower acuity level center.


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Find an ER that hires new grads. I did. They will be glad to have your ICU/CCU experience.

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