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ICU Nurse with a HH Interview Soon, What to Ask?


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Hi there! I am an ICU RN currently. I am thinking about switching to HH for something totally different. I am applying with Interim HealthCare and have already been told by the nsg sup that I pretty much have the job. As I am totally new to HH, I am not sure what questions to ask at my interview. I really don't know even where to start. The position I am applying for is PT evening shift. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Questions I have come up with so far include:

1-What does orientation consist of? How long is orientation?

2-Is the pay hourly or per visit?


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*How may patients you are required to manage?

*How many visits per day will you have?

*How many miles per day will you average in driving?

*What is the mileage reimbursement?

*Does anyone assist with coordination of care..ie office staff?

*What kind of QI programs do they have?

*What is their philosophy about using home health aides?

*What is the on-call like?

*How large of an area will you be covering on a routine basis? What about when you are on call? Do you have anyone to help you on your call times..ie LPNs?

*Do you have scheduled office time?

*What is the expected turnaround time for your documenation?


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Hi, I recently joined Intermin as well partime. One of my co-workers works with Interim, she referred me so I went in for the interview. It was more like a meet n greet and having your questions answered about home health. When I walked out, they made me fill a time card. I asked em for what? They said "SO YOU CAN GET PAID FOR TODAY?" I was surprised.... WOW, I earned already?

Most of the time spent was on learning the paperwork. I think I oriented about 6 hours on paperwork and 2 visits to open cases, and I was on my own. Its pretty easy to pick up as long as you learn the paperwork. We already have the skills, just need to learn organizational skills with paperwork and schedule visit times.

As for your questions:

1-What does orientation consist of?

Paper work, a few visits (make sure you go to OPEN a case). Don't go on a follow-up visit because all you do is the skill required, vitals and charting. If there r any changes, u call the doc. When you open a case, thats when you do 80% of the paperwork.

How long is orientation?

It depends how fast of a learner you are, but they'll always be auditing your work very carefully in the beginning.

2-Is the pay hourly or per visit?

Pay per visit. You get extra to open a case.

Claim your mileage, gas, and vehicle expenses in taxes... more in return vs re-imb from Interim.

Good luck

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