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Forgive me if someone has already asked this, I browsed through the CRNA posts and didn't see anything. I am in a BSN program right now. I'm hoping to get hired into the icu. The problem i'm having/question i'm asking is: You are are getting icu experience in order to be better prepared for a CRNA program. It seems that it would be hard to get hired in icu, if they know that your time there is limited. Will they hire you, knowing you will quit in a few years to do a CRNA program? I really want the experience, obviously, but when applying for a position do I tell them my goals? I don't want to ruin my chances, but I also don't want to keep it a secret and spring it on them later? any thoughts on how you guys handled this would be great! Thanks!

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Answer questions during the interview as best as you can without going into your CRNA plans. Most units want you to devote 2 years with them before leaving. If they ask about your future school plans tell them that you have not thought a lot about that yet but that you are wanting to really concentrate on learning in the ICU.

During my interview the question about school never came up. I did get asked by a nurse during my peer interview "Now you aren't just looking for a good experience only to leave us in 6 months are you?"

So basically be honest but do not give out extra information.

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