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ICU for EP Lab?

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Hello all, 

I’m a nurse who has two years of experience with EP/Cath post recovery. We took STEMIs, drips, etc. We were a PCU level Cardiac Intervention Unit. For the past year, I’ve been working outpatient stress lab. 

I love EP and it is my passion. I have a phone interview for an EP position. All the jobs I see require ICU or ER experience. And I wanted to know why? On my old unit, a couple nurses transitioned there with no ICU experience. 

Also when there was an emergency in the EP lab, the nurses would call a Rapid Response. Hell, I even had them transfer a post procedural patient from the EP lab for me to manage during a rapid response! So why ICU experience? Does this put me at a disadvantage? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated! 

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