IBCLCers? Started down the road, anyone else?


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I started classes towards, hopefully, getting my IBCLC. Any lac consultant hopefuls on this board? :)

Thank you!!!


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Me! :D I'm working towards sitting the exam next year.


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We have 5 on staff...if you need a resource or just to talk to someone, let me know and i can get you their email address.

me me me... I am working on getting mine and will hopefully sit for the exam in 2010.

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Good Luck!

I've been an IBCLC for 2 years and it means more to me than my RN (just bay a small margin though :-) )



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If you don't find any luck here, you can also check out the Yahoo Group IBCLC2B

Best Wishes!



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Me too...I just started an online nursing graduate course on Human Lactation. I am however having difficulty finding a way to gain experience. I recently graduated and have my RN and am actively pursuing employment. However, there aren't any L&D positions open at the hospital here. I did apply to a pediatric doc's office where I could use my experiences there to apply towards my cert if I get the job. How are you getting your experience?


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Hi Mickey!

I've been an accredited volunteer with a breastfeeding organization for several years now, so I will qualify to sit the exam under pathway 1. :) If you're having trouble gaining experience, and you've breastfed yourself, I would recommend looking into opportunities like WIC or Healthy Start peer counseling, La Leche League, Nursing Mothers Council, etc. :)

It sounds like you're working through pathway 2, is that correct? If so, it looks like you could find an IBCLC mentor(s) who could supervise you through the required 300 hours (based on the exam Blueprint). See here:



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Thanks for the information...I just started the course online and have looked into volunteering locally but unfortunately there isn't a La Leche League here and I've emailed the WIC staff to volunteer but no response. I hadn't considered the IBCLC mentor route because I didn't know of any locally. I was going to do pathway 1 that required 1000 hours using healthcare related experience. I think based on my job options (hopeful of employment!) that will be the route for me. Are you using a mentor through volunteering?


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I already have the hours needed to sit, but I'm considering doing a mentorship through my hospital, as well. I'm currently taking online courses for CERPs.

Have you thought about cold calling some IBCLCs to see if someone would be willing to mentor you? This ILCA page might be helpful: http://gotwww.net/ilca/

Here's some info on becoming a LLL Leader:


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