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Hi, I'm an RN who's currently staying home with my dtr and wants to know if anyone has any legitimate ideas of what I can do at home in nursing to make some money. I have 5 yrs. experience including long term care, med surg, telemetry, vent. training, and worked on a cardiopulmonary thoracic unit for 2 years. any ideas would be appreciated!! :confused:


I have seen others talk on this site of triage nursing from home. Try the search or look in the categories of nursing. Good Luck, keep looking- it may be worth your while!


I work in telephone triage and although our facility does not use nurses at home on regular basis, I know some organizations do. With a background in telemetry and cardiopulmonary you might check case management or long term follow-up of cardiac patients. There are several Websites for triage that might be helpful. Good luck!

You might try Medical Transcrition you already have the termonology down. good luck

I also wanted to work at home. I tried medical transcription and I did OK but the most money I could make was about 50% of what I could make as a nurse and out budget couldn't take it. I have considered Utilization Review or Legal Nurse Consultant but I don't have the background yet. I had to return to nursing but I got a job as an MDS coordinator and I like it. Best of luck to you and if you find something please email me. :)

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