I want to be an OB Nurse and have a ?


Hello, I am currently attending Stark State college in Ohio and my major is nursing. I am really interested in becoming an OB Nurse. Do I have to have to take any extra classes or have a certain degree or anything like that? Thank you very much



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Hello, Tamara, and welcome to allnurses.com and our forum!

The answer to your question is, no, you do not have to take extra classes other than your major in nursing.

You need to finish nursing school itself and be sure you express your interest in OB nursing to anyone you meet along the way and form networks so you can find a way in to that area when the time comes. Don't let anyone tell you new graduates cannot become OB nurses right out of nursing school; that is not true. However, it can be a challenge. As you get closer to graduation, be sure you try to do your senior practicum/preceptorship in OB if you can. Make sure you let the nurses in the unit know your wishes as well.

When you graduate, if you see opening in any OB units, be sure and apply. Even if they say experience is required. do so anyhow. They often DO hire new graduates. And if you do not get in, try working in another unit for a while until another opening comes up. Just do not give up! Keep trying!

Good luck in school and getting that job! Again, welcome to the forum and keep asking questions.


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I have been hired as a L & D nurse and I graduate on Thursday. I start my internship as soon as I pass my boards.

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