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Hello eveyone. I am in nursing school and although struggling, feel like I could enjoy nursing. My main problem is I have some gastric disorder where sometimes walking or standing up brings intense pain. I don't know if it is chrome's disease, acid relux, irrritable bowel or something else. My question is could nursing work, I just started nursing school and don't want to waste 2 years. I have thought about putting an application to the Radiology department at our school, bu tI do not like that as much, but I do not want to be in constant pain either. I would love to hear of other nurses opinions, especially any that have something similar to me. Thanks for all your help.



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hi, if you really want to be a nurse there are many options out there that do not require a lot of standing, walking etc....get your BS and you will have more options than with ADN. l suggest you click on Nursing Discussions and scroll down through all the specialties and l think you will b how surprised how diverse the fields of nursing can be....good luck to you.......LR PS you really need to be chkd by your MD for that pain!


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thanks for your help, I will do that. Doing an upper G.I. ina month, so may that will come up with something

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Yes make sure you see a Dr. before you do anything.......



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I have a friend who has Krohn's disease so I can understand the pain you have. Definitely get it checked out. There may be options available.

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You definitely need to get a firm diagnosis before you can make an informed decision. Until you know the cause of the problem, you can't know how it might effect your ability to perform certain jobs in the future. I myself have had irritable bowel disease since I was a child. It was a major problem with the stress of college and nursing school clinical rotations, but much less of a problem after I graduated.

In my 30's, I developed a bad knee that prevents me from being on my feet much, a mild balance loss, and a significant hearing loss.

As a 47 year old nurse with a couple of chronic conditions, I don't take them lightly. I would never say, "Oh, you can do anything you want to do as long as you try hard enough." However, I also know that having some health problems does not mean you can't be a nurse.

The bottom line is that you need to get the facts about your illness before you can make a decision.


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