I don't want to get ahead of myself, here,

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but I actually feel prepared for the dosage calc test tomorrow. Dude, I'm DOING MATH!

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Spoke too soon. NUTS! It kills me that I missed a step on one, so while I got it right (as far as I got), I didn't finish it and got it wrong. Forgot to calculate a drip rate for an hour when the infusion time was only for 30m. Fie. Still, I'll know to look for that on the next one. And I don't have to pass meds next week, which is kind of a relief. I could use another week to process the procedures.

How many tries do you get?

We got three and in order to "pass" it had to be 100%.

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Not sure, but since I know what I did wrong, and I did everything else right, I expect to get the 100 this time. I *think* we can take it 3 times, though.

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