I want to become a labor and delivery nurse (:

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My name is Kate (:

I hope to become a labor and delivery nurse one day. I'm currently a Junior in high school and I live in Southwestern Ohio. I'm not taking any AP college credit classes, but i do keep the grades that i receive high. I have a 3.7 GPA and have attended a nursing Camp at Oakland University in Rochester Michigan. It was an amazing experience and made me want to become a nurse even more. While at nursing camp i was assigned to work in the "emergency room" department, it was thrilling experience although it's not what i want to do. The thing is... I cannot stand people throwing up, whenever i see it it makes my stomach turn and i absolutely hate it. I am aware of women throwing up during and after pregnancy. What would you recommend me doing to overcome this fear? I also would like to know what are some colleges/universities that you would recommend with excellent nursing programs? I am considering Ohio State, so any views on that ?(:

Thank you for reading.

I would recommend you to go ahead and get your STNA and work as a L&D tech while in nursing school. Most hospitals won't hire you until you are 18 though. L&D is a very competitive dept. to get into, so get in as a tech and make good connections. As for getting over vomit. It just gets easier with time. Remember, breathe through you mouth, the smell just makes it so much worse! OSU is a good school, it's very competetive. Check out the Ohio Board of Nursing website for different schools. I based my decision on NCLEX pass rates.


Specializes in Certified in CPR/First Aid.

Thank you for the wonderful advice (:

Is it the smell or the sight? If it's the smell, put some Vick's in your nose.

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