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I took my Nclex LVN in California

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Does PVT work?

  1. 1. Does PVT work?

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      Definitely Yes!
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I took my NCLEX on 1/24/2017 in California. I Graduated last April 2016. Being pregnant and exhausted with school and studying I put off my NCLEX. Not to mention it was my second time going through the program, I failed out the first time. So with my new ATT expiring I scheduled my test 12/15 , I wasn't ready so I rescheduled again. Anywho after rescheduling 3 times I stuck to my date of 01/24. I purchased the Hurst Review and went over the core content 2 times. I didn't finish the specialty videos or the q reviews. The videos were not catching my attention so I couldn't finish them. A friend of mine gave me her NCLEX PN mastery subscription. I practiced like 20-50 questions a day reading the rationales for about a month. The day before my test I did a little reviewing. My test was scheduled for 2:15pm I decided to go a little earlier I arrived at 1:15pm because I read about being able to test early. I brought in my id, a bottle of water, and my keys. When I got there I showed the guy my id and took my picture. They escorted me to a little room with about 10 booths. I started my test about 130pm. After the tutorial finished and the first questioned popped up I wrote down all the lab values on the white board they gave me. I wrote tips and tricks jus incased I panicked while taking the test. I took a deep breath and began my test. I remembered the NCLEX lady was just making sure I didn't kill a patient , that I wasn't going to Literally be a killer nurse. I answered each question thinking this way. When I got to question 85 the question was easy. After clicking submit the screen turned blue. I was having heart palpitations. I answered the survey then raised my hand. The TA escorted me out. I asked her "now what?" She said I jus wait. I got to the car n called my boyfriend. It was 2:40pm. A little over an hour on my test! Did I go thru the questions to fast!? He was like what happened. I told him I was done. He said how you said about 5 hours. Needless to say I felt sad and defeated . I didn't know what to think. I cried when I got home. My friend told me to try the Pearson vue trick, I did and I got the "Good Popup!" How!? No this cant be right.. these last few days I tried at least 10 times. Still the same! With my luck ill be the one that gets the FALSE positive anticipation is killing me, and anxiety is getting the best of me!!.:unsure:


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Good luck!