I took eye drops home!


So this summer I am doing an internship in CICU at my local hospital, I work with a nurse 3 days out of the week doing 12 hours shifts. So anyways I finished my 3rd day, I got home in a hurry because I wanted to go the gym, I took my scrubs off putt on my gym cloths and went to the gym. I got home and started to prepare for the next day and I decided to clean out my scrub pockets to throughout anything I didn't need anymore and lord behold I find a patients eye drops (Xalatan) that I forgot to give to my nurse before I left. I am freaking out and worried that I am going to kicked out of my internship, I am going tomorrow to return it but how should approach it?, should I tell the nurse manager or the just give to the nurse that the patient has? please help


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This actually happened to me while I was in school. I got home, emptied my pockets, and low and behold, there was the patient's insulin. I immediately called the floor and reported the situation, then I called my instructor and told her that I had accidentally left it in my pocket, but that I had already called the floor and was on my way to bring it back. When I got to the hospital, the nurse laughed and said "we've all done this before."

You will not get kicked out for this.

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Just report it ASAP.