I took the boards- now I feel surreal

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Yesterday I took the boards,it was very hard,you would think that with all of the practice tests I have taken that there would of been more questions similar to the practice ones.The answers that were there to pick from were mostly ones that normally you would not see.I have looked up some of the questions and they were correct,a few were not.My computer turned off at 75 questions, do you think the computer would of given me more questions if it could not judge me competent or is there no way to tell?-jeanne

hey jeanne,

you must remember that you could pass or fail with any amount of questions, even 75. i too had 75 questions and i thought that the test was pretty hard. it was totally not representative of any practice tests that i had ever taken. the good news is that i passed. you have most likely passed also, so just relax and wait on your results.


I was in the very first class in our state to take the comprehensive board. No more just re-taking sections, but had to re-take the whole thing if you failed. Plus, there was no computerized version. We sat for the board in a two day session. The way it was set up, it seemed as if their main intent was to make it as stressful as possible! No class had gone before us to even vent our fears to. It was so HIGH ANXIETY! Thank god I passed the first time, but when I walked out of there that final day, my eyes were crossed and I had NO IDEA if I'd passed. Of course, we all discussed it, scared ourselves to death even more, and we ALL thought we'd flunked! Our school had the highest pass rate, I believe. Insult to injury? They sent my results to a city with a similar name as my city, so when everyone got their results before me, then I KNEW I'd flunked. This was in 1982. Sound familiar? Good luck to everyone taking the board, and congrats to those who already passed! By the way, does anyone know if there's a place to get info re scores, where you placed statistically, regionally, etc? Thanks.

Your chance of passing if the computer shut off @ 75 questions:

A couple of years ago, the statistic was that 95% passed if the thing shut off at 75. Those are huge odds in your favor. I'd bet money on you!

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