do I have time for nursing school?


I have just been accepted into a 2 year (associates degree) night and weekend RN program. The classes meet 2 nights a week (5-9 p.m.) and the clinicals are Saturdays (7-5). I am currently a teacher, working full time (40 hours a week). I have always wanted to go into nursing, but I am worried about having enough time for studying and being really tired (because I can't quit my teaching job--I will have to do nursing school and my job). I don't have any kids yet, so I don't have that responsibility at home. People have told me (including my advisor) that it can be done. I would be very open to hearing opinions about this. I am good at time management, but I really do worry that I might be taking on too much. Thank you!


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My main question is as a teacher how much grading do you have to bring home every night. If it's hardly any then the time you could be doing that then spend studying, and you'll have The weekends to dedicate to school since you aren't working weekends. If it's truly your dream go for it, and you can always incoporate the learning you are doing towards your students!

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I was a teacher before nursing school and I cannot imagine trying to do what you are suggesting. Think of it this way...what if one of your students told you s/he worked full time besides coming to school? I study a minimum of 3-4 hours a night and all day on Sunday and part of Saturday. When will you do your grading and lesson plans? Report cards? Parent teacher conferences? You are not allowed to miss time at nursing school...what if you get sick? Maybe with going part-time it won't be as intensive as my one year program, and maybe you have a ton of extra energy, but it sounds like you are setting yourself up for a breakdown!


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It will be hard but you might be able to pull it off. When I say hard I mean really hard. Like eating takeout every night, never cleaning your house, thinking about getting a divorce hard. If you had kids I would say dont even try it. Since you don't, it may be doable depending on your baseline state of mental health. It will take a toll on you. You might find you have less tolerance for your students at school too. Sorry this is not much help, but only you can make this decision, just go into it with your eyes open.


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I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking!

I started my pre-reqs while working 40+ hrs per wk as a computer programmer. I had 5 kids but only 2 at home (16 and 21). My DD just got out of the USArmy this past Thurs, so she will be moving home to get her nursing degree, too! My hubby has 4 of his own....2 adult children and 2 that are 14 and 12. So for pre-reqs, my GPA is 3.76.

Although I was laid off 1/30/09, my employer has called me back, so I will go back to work May1 and will be doing the evening/weekend program.

I am not saying it won't be difficult, but I believe you can do anything you set your mind to! I'd take stock in red bull! LOL.

Think about hiring help for the house if you need it (like cleaning). You are far better off doing this before you have any children.

I wish you the best!!!!

These are all very helpful. Thank you for all the advice. To the person who replied who was a teacher before, what grade did you teach/how long did you teach before going into nursing? I am wondering how your transition was from one field into the other.

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